International Workshop on Human Centered Event Understanding from Multimedia

Technical Programme

Session 1: Keynote (9:00-10:30)

Cees Snoek - Recognizing events in videos without examples

Summary: In this talk I will present recent progress on recognizing events in videos, without the need for examples. The key to event recognition in such a challenging setting is to have a lingual video representation. Three lingual representations for zero-example event recognition will be highlighted, covering concept, tag and sentence embeddings.

Session 2: Accepted Papers (11:00-12:30)

  • Tingting Yao, Zhiyong Wang, Zhao Xie, Jun Gao and David Dagan Feng. Discovering Commonness and Specificness for Human Action Recognition
  • Maia Zaharieva and Michael Riegler. Media Synchronization and Sub-Event Detection in Multi-User Image Collection
  • Konstantinos Apostolidis and Vasileios Mezaris. Using Photo Similarity and Weighted Graphs for the Temporal Synchronization of Event-Centered Multi-User Photo Collections


Please refer to this website for details on timing.